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KANTABiZ.com is intended to offer a simple and straight-forward search opportunity for locating Businesses and Products in Video, local or worldwide.

Registered users have the opportunity to upload their Business and Product videos to the KANTABiZ.com video search directory, for all Users to access, browse, search and view.

Searchable Information includes: Business name, Business type, Location Map, Phone, Website + email contacts. Searches can be broken down into streets, suburbs, postcodes, states or countries…

.com delivers worldwide and local results by relevance on added user info basis, and business or product video TAG relevance! All submissions are registered users, who wish to showcase their businesses or products, via video.

However large or small your business maybe, to achieve growth and prosperity the business requires a level of visibility!

Your Business & Product Videos 24/7 Online.


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