Help FAQ?

Q. Why should I register @ KANTABiZ?

You need to register your business, to benefit from the Free...! Business and Product Video uploading services we provide, and for other users to access your free Business and Product video advertising or posting. A registered KANTABiZ user has the opportunity to showcase their business and products videos with the inclusion of their business profile and quick links to their: Website, Map location and E-Store, all within the KANTABiZ Business and Products video search directory!

Q. How much does it cost, to Advertise @ KANTABiZ?

Nothing! It's absolutely Free...! Registering and creating a new KANTABiZ account is completely free of charge…! And, you can start using our free services immediately. So, without delay…. Register Now! And upload your Business and Products videos... straight away, and get connected!

Q. How long does it take for my new KANTABiZ account to be activated?

Your account will be fully operational and ready to use immediately after you finish filling out the on-online registration form, and acknowledging the email KANTABiZ sent to your registered email account.

Q. I have registered my business details and uploaded my Business and Product videos, but they are not listed in your directory, why?

The video directory is updated every couple of hours. Quicker, if the server is not busy! Your business details and videos will not appear until this happens. Other issues: Please, check if the correct video formats were used at upload.

Q. I can't remember my KANTABiZ password; can you send me a reminder?

Yes, if you want to receive a password reminder, please advance to the KANTABiZ Sign-In page and request your password be sent to you etc... If you used a birth date while registering, then you will have to engage your recovery by inputting your birth date also.

Q. I can't remember my KANTABiZ username; can you send me a reminder?

Your password details reminder email carries your username with it too… request it from the Sign In page.

Q. Can I change my KANTABiZ password?

Yes. To change your password, please Sign In, go to 'My Account' page and click on the "Personal Details" page, and change your password plus a few other things, if required. Some changes, are viewable to other users.

Q. Can I change my KANTABiZ Business name?

Yes, you can! Sign In to your account, then go to your Business details page, in My Accounts, and change your Business name and whatever else you would like to change.

Q. I'd like to change some of the information shown in my KANTABiZ business profile page, where do I go?

To change your business details, Once again, please Sign In sign and go to your ‘My Account’ page and click on the "Business details" page, and complete the form as per your details.

Q. I want to be registered, but I don't want my business details listed in your KANTABiZ directory, is this possible?

No, this function is not possible on

Q. I'd like to add my logo to my business profile page, where do I go?

If you want to upload your logo, please Sign In and go to your ‘My Account’ page and click on the ‘Upload Video’ page, and action that request under ‘Upload Image/Logo’ option.

Q. Is it possible to advertise myself or my business as a Freelancer & how much does it cost?

Yes, it is possible to advertise yourself as a freelancer @ And, it's Free of charge…! Flag yourself as a freelancer under the your ‘Business Details Page’, which in turn shows up on your Business Info details or profile for other users to see while browsing.

Q. How many Businesses can I advertise for free?

As long as all businesses you advertise on KANTABiZ, are legitimate and recognized by law, then, you can advertise as many businesses as you wish too advertise @ And , it's all Free…!

Q. What do I have to do, to be able to advertise my Products Video on the site?

Firstly, you must be 18years of age or above. If so, then you need to Register your business to create an account. Immediately after this, you can start entering your Business and Product details and Tags. To add your video advertise, simply go to the ‘My Account’ and click on the "Upload Video" option in the menu, and upload your Products video, in the same manner as you would your Business video.

Q. KANTABiZ only allows Business & Product Videos’, what does this mean?

This means, that the site is available and open to user population. Our Free...! Video advertising service, is for people with Businesses and Products to offer, and we ensure quality of the site by asking users and the KANTABiZ team to flag 'undesired' and 'non-Business like' videos as 'Inappropriate' videos for the KANTABiZ video directory and all it's users.All inappropriate videos are in violation of the search engine Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy. In future design ventures, users of will have a greater input in deciding who should be flagged and why?

Q. I'd like to advertise on, but, I'd like my business name to appear as "confidential", is this possible?

NO. This is not possible. All information filled in by Users is shown to all users. A few [-optional- information] is permitted. Eg: An exact [house no#] or [Street address] and many other details; under the Business details page is optional.

Q. I'd like to change the details [name] of one of my Video postings, how do I do it?A couple of points here: Firstly, a user need not worry about the name of the file uploaded. (The uploaded file name is irrelevant to the KANTABiZ search engine in any case). The thing to remember is ... All entered user information, is what makes the Business video relevant to other users in their search. The usage of TAGS can be seen as another way of addressing your videos relevance… It’s all based on user info... You can even find people by their telephone no#...!!! Give it a go...!

Q. How many email addresses can I have or use?

Each registered KANTABiZ user can only use his email address once! If the email address has already been registeredat KANTABiZ, then, a new email address is required for a new account.

Q. What user information is viewable on my registered KANTABiZ profile?

All user information filled in by you, under your Business details is viewable to all KANTABiZ users. Apart from the “Business name” all information is optional. So, if you wish to leave out certain details about yourself, you may!

Q. How can I get help?

You can get help, by contacting us via the Contact Us page!

Q. What if I am having problems with the KANTABiZ site/or my Account?

If you're having any problems with logging in please message us via the Contact Us page. Include all verified account details.

Q. How long can I keep my KANTABiZ account active?

All users can keep their account active indefinitely, as long as they visit and Sign In into their account at least once in 24 months. The best way to keep your account active is to log on and actively use it… Although, we do send reminder emails for the same!

Q. How do I sponsor a paid advertise within the KANTABiZ Website?

Fairly easy! Please visit our Advertise page, and Contact Us

Q. Are all services on Tags free as well?

Yes. The whole KANTABiZ portal is free to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Q. How big can the size of my videos be?

All user videos uploaded, cannot be more than 30 MB-Megabytes in size.

Q. How do I upload a video?

To upload a video, all you do is: Register / Sign In, and go to your 'My accounts' page, then your 'Upload' page and attach a business and Product videos, and away you go...! Have a look at the KANTABiZ Theme: here

Q. How can people find my video?

Register with KANTABiZ and upload your video and profile details! After which, people can find you by your Username, Business name or any other detail on your profile… It’s that easy!

Q. What software do I need installed to view the videos?

To view videos you need to have Flash installed. If you can't get a video to play it's probably because you either have Java script turned off or, an older version of the Flash player plugin for your browser. Try downloading the latest plugin, and try again.

Q. Is it possible to, directly link to my Business or Product videos?

Very possible! Just click on the "Send to a friend" link near your video and a pop-up window will appear, which allows any user to e-mail links to his or her videos.

Q. Do you have a Copyright Policy?

Yes, we do have a Copyright Policy. The copyright law is a serious issue @ KANTABiZ. Respecting your rights and the rightsof others and properties involved are paramount issues. The KANTABiZ, COPYRIGHT POLICY, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, cover the topic of copyright information for all users. Please, read them carefully.

Q. What video formats are preferred Or allowed? Or how do you handle different video formats?

You're welcome to upload your video to KANTABiZ in most commonly used compressed formats. Our preferences are compressed QuickTime and Windows Media video formats at 320x240 video ratios. Try to avoid uploading uncompressed DV or MPEG-2 video. We recommend the following settings: MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format. 320x240 resolutions, MP3 audio, 15, 25 or 30 frames per second Compressing & resizing your videos to these specifications before you upload will all the FLASH conversion on the servers to occur trouble free.

Q. Why does video playback buffer at times?

Buffering can occur due to various factors… congestion on the servers, the net, multiple connection on the LAN or Wi-Fi connectivites, other things running in the background at the same time you're trying to play the video. It can also occur, when someone tries playing multiple videos at the same time or due to a browser freeze while watching videos. Refresh your page with the help of the F5 function key.

Q. Do you have an API?

No, we do not offer API’s at this time. Although, we have the inclusions of the KANTABiZ API’s in development.

Q. Can I upload a video, I don't own?

Generally speaking you can't upload any video you don't own. This means that if you didn't create the video (and everything else in it!) you can't upload it to the KANTABiZ website... Especially, be CAREFUL OF TRADEMARKS/ LOGOS/ LICENCES/ PERMISSION. The exceptions to this rule are; a clear permission from the original creator of the video has been granted to you. Permission can be granted formally via a Creative Commons license. If you're uploading content that's already licensed under a Creative Commons license please make sure to give the original author credit when you upload the video, in your ‘Comments area’ of your profile, acknowledging and respecting people and their works.

Q. Does KANTABiZ ever change a video after it’s been uploaded?

NO & never. will not edit or change a videos editorial content, after it’s been uploaded. The only time a video is suppressed by KANTABiZ is when; a video breaches our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy by uploading a non-Business like video or an inappropriate video for the KANTABiZ website.

Q. What is the limit on the size of the video I can upload to the KANTABiZ site?

30MB-MegaBytes is the limit for every video to be uploaded. And, only two are allowed per Business. Also, remember to compress your videos to help make reduce the file size.

Q. Why and when do you require me to report something as inappropriate video?

KANTABiZ is a Business video search directory. Period! There are many other wonderful video sites on the web for all other activities regarding videos of sorts. If a user comes across a profile who's video deviates from our Business videos ONLY policy. Then please report that video! :: At KANTABiZ it's: Only Business and strictly business… Only! ::

Q. How do KANTABiZ Tags work?

Tags are descriptive words you should add to your submissions to make them easier for others to find similar Businesses or Products. For example, a Mobile phone dealer may have the followings tags: NOKIA, VODAFONE, Model N65, SIM, Cheap mobile deals etc.. "Words" you should add to your submissions to make them easier for others to find. Helping people understand what services your business provides.

Q. Is the viewing of all KANTABiZ videos, free?

Yes. The entire KANTABiZ site is free to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Q. Do I have to sign up to upload videos to the KANTABiZ site?

You must be a registered member of to upload videos. Membership is free..! Register here.

Q. How long will my videos stay on KANTABiZ?

Provided your videos do not violate our USER POLICY or the overall Terms and Conditions, any video you submit will remain on KANTABiZ indefinitely. The only time videos change, is when a user decides to change their video posting.

Q. How long can my video be? What formats are accepted? Is there a limit to -how much Or how many videos- I can upload and how often can I upload new videos?

There is a limit on your video sizes. All videos must be 30MB or smaller and either a .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .avi, .mp4, or .wmv. KANTABiZ recommends and supports the wmv-1 Best!! It's great for a quick snappy stream...Windows Media Video V7, wmv2 by Windows Media Video V8, and wmv3 files are those that were encoded by Windows Media Video 9 Series. Avoid uploading a .wmv encoded with wmv3 format, errors have been detected, and you may encounter an error message; video may have malformed encoding, error/incomplete, unknown format, un-playable status.

Q. What format do uploaded videos play in?

Your videos will be displayed in the FLASH format. KANTABiZ is a flash format video site.

Q. How long will my video take to upload?

This varies depending on the speed of your connection and size to upload. Uploading can take up to 1-5 minutes per MB on a high-speed connection, and around 8-10 minutes on a slower connection. Much also depends on the traffic congestion with your particular connectivity...

Q. How long can my video be? What formats are accepted? Is there a limit to (how much)/(how many videos) I can upload and how often can I upload new videos?

There is a limit on your video sizes. All videos must be 30MB or smaller and either a .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .avi, .mp4, or .wmv formats... KANTABiZ recommends and supports the wmv-1 and wmv-2 formats.

Q. What are my system requirements in regards to the website?

We suggest using IE 7 and above, Firefox, Safari or Opera or any other new browser with Cookies & JavaScript

enabled. These are the main basic requirements. To play the online videos you need the Flash plug in for your browser installed and enabled. Upload limit per user : per video is 30MB per file or video. The accepted Video Formats: mpg .mpe .mpeg .avi .divx .xdiv .mp4 .flv .wmv .rm .mov .moov .asf .vob .asx. ----- Hint: Our recommended format-----

Video: 15 or 30 fps, 320x240, Compression.

Audio: 64 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

Q. How do I convert or compress my videos that are either an unacceptable format or the videos are too big in Megabyte size, for a successful upload?

If your file size is too big or your video format is different from what’s expected, then, we suggest using Microsoft Media Encoder, or the Microsoft moviemaker software, both of which are free application for converting / compressing and resizing any video. You can download it from Windows media site.

Q. My KANTABiZ video upload’s been running a long time and hasn't completed. What should I do?

Uploading a video can a couple of minutes or several minutes. Many factors are to be considered here. Depends on the length of the video, demands on the servers, or your connectivity to the net and the overall traffic on the net itself. If your video upload is taking longer than 1 hour to complete, we recommend cancelling the upload, rechecking the length and formats settings again of your video, and try uploading it again.

Q. What type of videos are allowed on the site?

KANTABiZ is a service for MA audience- 18years and above. Only adults are allowed to use and browse or upload Business videos for free...!... Adult/ Violence/ Illegal/ Abusive/ Hateful/ Assorted/ Miscellaneous past time/ videos not allowed and completely prohibited on the site. If you do come across a video which violates that Business Code: Please, Report & Flag video as Inappropriate and not Business like and let us work together to keep the directory useful for all. Allows Business and Product Videos Only