Help - What is Freelancing and Why Should I Do It?

Registered individuals or businesses can mark themselves as a freelance business type on KANTABiZ:
Name, Skills Type, Location & Costings... etc. Profile: Business video & Product video... Name, Skills Type, Location & Costings... etc.
Users can then search for a freelancer in a variety of fields, including music, the arts, IT, multimedia, catering, teaching, and more! Who can say?!

What is a freelancer and who is a freelancer? Do you work as a freelancer or on a contract basis?

A freelancer is a self-employed individual. Freelance labor is employed in a variety of vocations, but the most prevalent are IT and web design, writing and editing, acting, modeling, photography, graphic arts, computer programming, and many other sectors not listed here. Rather than being employed by a company, freelancers sell or contract their work to a client in any given profession.

Talented independent workers frequently leave their jobs because their services are in high demand and they may earn more money as a freelancer. A freelancer can work from home, in the community, or at a client's or company's location. Using freelancers has various benefits for some businesses. Hiring a freelancer might be cost-effective for a company at times.

There will be no more... only a static text search... In video search mode, meet and greet Freelancers!

Why work as a freelancer at KANTABiZ?

It's all about video now! In connection with the NOW! Video advertising is completely free at KANTABiZ...! We believe it's extremely cool! ... Freelancers can utilize their Product video as a show-reel and promote themselves in their Business Video.

Key Benefits: Today's freelancers have a plethora of benefits!

When you work for yourself, you can usually set your own hours. It's possible that your earnings will be higher than if you worked for someone else. He or she is his or her own boss. Has the option of working independently or from the convenience of one's own home. Freelancers also have the option of picking and choosing the jobs they are interested in. They're diversifying their assets in a novel way!

People want to know the following from KANTABiZ freelancers:

Showcase your abilities, resume, and expertise by adding your website URL to your KANTABiZ website icon.
Mark your KANTABiZ contact information as a freelancer.
In your KANTABiZ product video, show off your projects and experience.
Display your rates and charges in the KANTABiZ comments area!
Tell individuals what kind of job you'd like to do as a freelancer, and so forth.

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